Holistic Programming

The path from structured knowledge management to executable software sytems.

Holistic Programming Cloud

In Holistic Programming, all knowledge relevant for a software system is gathered within one knowledge database. The structure of the knowledge is determined by the different perspectives coming from the different people contributing to the system. The different mind patterns of the structured knowledge are are known, and so can be mapped to design patterns used to build software systems.

The structured knowledge is used as input for the system generators. They generate the source code, database definition, etc. as required by the system environment (i.e. the operating system, the programming language, the middle ware, the database management system, etc.).

Modifications of the knowledge lead to re-generation of the effected system parts. If the changes require data migration, the migration scripts are generated and executed as well.

This approach has huge effects on how software is created and on how people can work together. These effects are still in the process of being discovered. Some aspects are already outlined on the subsequent pages, many more will follow.